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I admire who he is.  In 1996 my body was in real jeopardy, I had liver problems.  My doctor was really surprised that I got my liver functions into normal range.  This was accomplished over a one year period by having  once-a-week treatments.
I trust Doug, and I visit his office for "a tune up" on a regular basis.

a bright dedicated student patient

At age 17 I broke my back in 5 places.  Now I have damage plus arthritis.  I was taking Tylenols and muscle relaxant.  Doug turned my quality of life around.  I am mobile again.  I am now almost totally free of pain, without medication.  I suffered for 15 years with chronic pain which was getting progressively worse as time went on.  I am so glad that I saw the sign on Wilkinson Rd.

Thank you Doug!


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